1. Cutting edge professional skills

    Cutting-edge analytical and research skills are at the heart of every solid and professional legal practice. Highly experienced and trained in several top tier Romanian law firms, Valentin Moise uses creative and inovative thinking to connect the dots.

  2. Harvesting in the legal world

    Valentin Moise has developed innovative tools and methodologies to handle complex and sophisticated litigation files and legal projects. We unearth useful legal information for our clients and map all potential sources of interest by trawling the regulations, case-law and legal-dogma and harvesting relevant information for every single case in which we are empowered to act.

  3. Expertise in various practice areas

    With its multi-practice background and a unique understanding of many legal fields, Valentin Moise developed a top business law practice, aiming at providing a high range of legal services so as to cover the exclusive requirements of both exigent and experienced entrepreneurs and complex and challenging enterprises, as well as the specific legal needs of natural persons.

  4. Extensive Database Access

    We have unique experience accessing and analyzing necessary information for our cases and projects on various platforms including more limited-access legal, financial, commercial, regulatory and technical databases, gaining lawful access to new resources in accordance with our clients’ needs and requirements.

  5. Pro-active Approach

    We overcome the daily challenges by taking a can-do, dynamic approach. We developed several unique methods and skills, especially in the legal tactics field, that allow us to smoothly handle every litigation file and legal project, no matter of its complexity level, in such manner every single client will be lawfully advised and defended in any legal or judicial context.


These seven intrinsic principles guide the way we work with our clients and allow us to deliver a distinctive service. We strive to put forward:

  1. Professionalism. Professionalism is the keystone of our activity. We always strive to be the best in everything we do and being second to none. We improve our performance continually and stress the importance of quality and productivity.
  2. Integrity. We act with integrity, not just doing things right but doing the right thing. We establish total transparency in relationship with our clients. We always give intelligence of our work and explain our actions, and we always practice in full coordination with our clients
  3. Confidentiality. Open, honest and confidant communication is the best foundation for any relationship. We see ourselves as our clients’ confidants and we act with integrity in our relationships. For us being loyal, friendly, compassionate and good listener with our clients is our second nature.
  4. Responsiveness. Our clients expect us to respond to their questions and concerns quickly. Getting back to our clients promptly is one way we demonstrate our sensitivity to their issues and how much we care about them.
  5. Efficiency. We aim for results, strive for positive outcomes and build our business card on efficiency. We work responsive to ensure timely service delivery in the format most appropriate for the client.
  6. Resourcefulness. We evolve in an ever-changing world where the needs and requirements of our clients never stay the same. We strive to deliver “out of the box” solutions and find a way through in any given context. We think as much that any goal can be reached through innovation and an open mind attitude.
  7. Enthusiasm. We are always thankful and appreciative of all opportunities that come our way. Joy and enthusiasm are the standpoints in serving and promoting our clients’ lawful rights and interests.

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